The  Hamptons

            at    Brightwood

 A Prestigious Community Near Black Rock Golf Course
Working together, building a strong community
Neighborhood Watch Information

Report an Incident                                                                 Wash.Sheriff                301-791-3020 

For those who need help in the maintaining the upkeep of their homes/yards, below are some neighbors (or former neighbors) who may be of help!


     20025 Babylon Court         301-573-2832

  *  Remodel and Home additions     *    Retractable Awnings and Shades  *Decks and Porches

  Care Services, Inc., specialziing in heating and cooling


STEPCO   Contact:

 *  Hang shutter: $30 each, including anchor pins.  A discount for more than one.

  * Lawn mowing: $35-50, depending on lot size. Includes cutting lawn, trimming and sweeping (may
     be additional charges if it's a foot long)    * Paint mailbox post:  $45, including paint

    Contact Neilson Parrott  240-288-3521 or
  *  From $25 per Mow  *  Lawn Care Plans  *  Professional Grade, Zero-Turn Mower
  *  Experienced and Motivated *  Online payment and reservation options for "social distancing"



Things you can do to keep safe!
Keep exterior of homes neat, bushes trimmed, and lawns mowed and maintained.

Know your neighborhood - Patrol and walk the community to know what is normal and what is out of place.

Report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's office

Watch your neighbor's homes while they are away.

Do not confront potential trouble - Report and notate all incidents

Put Neighborhood Watch stickers on your house windows and doors

Know your neighbors so you will know who belongs here and who may be up to no good.

Tell solicitors that they need a permit to solicit.  If they do not have a permit, they must leave the community.  Report the solicitor to the Sheriff's Dept.

Attend community events to meet new neighbors and get involved.

Don't assume someone else will call in a problem.